Photography of children being children

child photogrpahy Lonnie Dawkins
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Child Photography

boy in white posing sideways on ottoman


boys in vests and ties - one missing tooth smiling


brotherand sisiter play doctor


brother and sister at lake african american>

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  Maryland Child Photography


Lonnie's primary focus is portraiture.  Portraits can be done in studio or at a location of your choosing.  Portraiture includes child photography, baby photography, family photography, and corporate photography. 


Call on us for beautiful portraits of your children ~ printed, framed, and

hung artistically in your home or given as gifts.    School pictures are fine but we are able to spend the time and have the talent to really bring out the personality of your child.  Also, we can photograph wherever you like.


Children as children make beautiful images. 


Some suggestions for a good photo session for your child.


  1. Make sure the child is rested

  2. Try to pick the time of day that is best for the child.

  3. Dress the child comfortably.  Pick one of the his/her favorite outfits.  It is not necessary to buy new outfits for the photo session.  However do so if you like.

  4. Let the child be a child.  A good photographer can engage the child and bring out those child-like qualities and capture them  Children can give you some great poses that you would never think of.

  5. Bring a snack or favorite toy. 





Maryland Children Photographer Lonnie Dawkins welcomes the opportunity to photograph kids of all ages.  Taking pictures is important! Not just for your children, but for generations to come.

Photos are history! 


Maryland Children Photographer talented at capturing the personalities of babies, children, teens, and families in portraits. Conveniently available to providing headshots, pictures framed and printed.