Ted Kennedy's Funeral Procession, Rosa Parks vigil, and other events occurring in Washington, DC

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Funeral Hearse carrying Ted Kennedy in Washington DC

Senator Ted Kennedy's Funeral Procession
through Washington, DC


Images of the funeral procession on Sen. Ted Kennedy as it passed slowly through the streets of downtown Washington, DC enroute to his burial at Arlington National Cemetery on August 27, 2009

Thank you sign honoring Rosa Parks at vigil in Washington DC

When Miss Rosa Died
Salute to Rosa Parks


When civil rights leader Mrs. Rosa Parks died in  October 2005 she was honored in a manner unlike that given to any other American woman.  Her remains were brought to Washington, DC and people were given the opportunity to pay their respects at the US Capitol.  This photo essay attempts to give insight into just how many people came to honor her.  Many said that they had to be there and would wait no matter how long it

would take to go through the lines.


People from every walk of life came out and waited patiently to walk pass her coffin. 

Lines snaked throughout the mall and people visited with each other and shared stories about how much Miss Rosa meant to them.  It was truly an honor to be there.


The first images are of the first evening at the Capitol and show buses arriving bringing the family and celebrities.  The next images show the long lines and people fellowshipping with each other  The pictures towards the end show the procession after the funeral as it arrives at the Thurgood Marshall BWI airport in Maryland in preparation for Mrs. Parks final departure from the Washington area.

Obama Picture change ceremony at Washington DC

Presidential Picture Change Ceremony
at Renaissance Hotel in DC


One of the most fun and interesting events surrounding the inauguration of our new president was a ceremony that took place at a local hotel.  A festive assembly took place with the staff marching through the hotel with pictures of President-Elect Barack Obama

enroute to be hung replacing the pictures of the outgoing President George W. Bush.   Visitors and guest enjoyed refreshments and watched the festivities on the day before the inauguration.

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